We shall include a signed Customs Declaration with your / every order, so your shipment should not have any problem at Customs. (We don't do Western Union or Moneygram at the moment due to logistic reasons)

All orders are send by First Class Registered Letter Mail in an airmail envelope.  Included as well is a US Customs Declaration form inside the envelope in case it is opened by Customs inspection staff. We take a photo of your shipment at the Post Office after affix Register Letter Barcode tracking number and postage.  The photo and tracking-number will be send to you so you can track your shipment yourself. Normally we send post by first class registered mail and should arrive via the post office within 10 to 14 business days if there is no delay! The exact delivery time is out of our control. Usually the package will depart Thailand in 2 days, but beyond that it is out of our control and dependent upon the USPS or postal service of your country.

You can track the shipment on the Thai Postal Service tracking site yourself until the parcel leaves Thailand.  When it reaches your area or country you must track it on the tracking site for your country. During the transit time between Thailand and your country your parcel cannot be tracked. The final update on the Thai tracking site will be “Outgoing International”. This is telling you that your parcel was loaded into a container and delivered to the airmail carrier for export out of Thailand. After that, there will be no further updates on the Thai tracking site, and your package cannot be tracked further on the Thai tracking site.

The link for the Thai Postal Service tracking is:

Enter your tracking number and it will show the tracking status of your package. When your shipment is exported from Thailand tracking through the Thai Postal Service ends, wait for the parcel or package to arrive at your country and be scanned in to your local postal service in your country! Then track it from there! Note that if you are in the USA, this is US Postal Service and NOT UPS! The tracking number on the USA side (or your country) will be the same tracking number as on the Thai side!

If you are in another country go to the website of your national mail carrier for tracking!  The tracking-number will become active when your package or parcel is scanned in at the port of entry of your country. Remember that transit-time can be about or up to 7-10 days. Checking the tracking information during transit time will probably return a message such as “Tracking information is not yet available for this shipment, please check back later to view updated information.”

Some customers realized or told us that they were not able to track their shipments on the USA side, but they still received their shipments, so that means waiting or call the tracking company for an update. Unfortunately this can happen!

After your package is scanned at the port of entry, the tracking results on the USA side (or your country) will be visible.  Remember we have a photo of your shipment after affix postage and Registered Letter Barcode at the sending Post Office in case of problems. Investigations on the Thailand side because of problems are usually a no-go area because of the long waits and poor results, so the only hassle-free options here are RE-send or RE-fund.

CUSTOMERS IN THE UK AND AUSTRALIA:  Registered Letters are NOT trackable in your countries. Your packages can only be tracked as they  leave Thailand on the Thai tracking site. See the links below for a very good list of which countries can be tracked and which cannot.

If you live in the USA, the United State Post Office tracking site offers a handy feature where they will automatically send you an email whenever there is any update on your tracking number status. (this option is available only after there has been a first update to the tracking status).

We recommend you use this feature to avoid that the parcel will be declared “Unclaimed” after waiting for you for 30 days because the post office didn't send you a notice that it arrived!

Also sometimes customers don't realize that the package is waiting for pickup at the Post Office!

So sign up for email notifications on the USPS tracking website right here:

Enter your email address and be sure to get email alerts for both previous activity and future activity!

We can send your package with EMS but inquire first about the extra costs!

Register for Letter Tracking - Websites per Country:

Please make sure that the payment confirmation email of Paypal contains the correct address for shipping! If this is not the case your order might arrive at the wrong destination or not arrive at all. In case of a wrong address we do not just send you a new item for free!
Send a note with your Paypal confirmation if your area isn't listed or if somehow the shipping address isn't right! Fill in the correct and exact shipping addres in the Note field before you send the Paypal confirmation! See example below:

Paypal note field example picture


*We ship Thyroid-S and Thiroyd tablets to most countries, but not all!

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