We currently accept Visa and MasterCard payments via our international merchant account. Our aquiring bank is in China, so please make sure your credit card will allow transactions from this country through your bank's fraud filters. For more information about credit card payments, please see the following page:


We also accept direct currency transfers via Western Union, MoneyGram, and WorldRemit. Additionally, we can receive ACH transfers direct to our bank in New York for our customers in the USA.

Another option is to use a next generation e-Wallet service such as Coinbase (or equivalent Bitcoin wallet if you are not in one of the 34 countries Coinbase currently serves.). Just as PayPal revolutionized the eCommerce industry over a decade ago, new providers such as Coinbase that use modern blockchain technology are poised to once again revolutionize the cross border payment industry.  Coinbase can send payments across borders for a mere pennies, and we can in turn pass these savings on to you. We offer a 7% discount on all payments made through Coinbase, and this is in addition to any other savings or discounts you may already have. Setting up a wallet with Coinbase takes only a few minutes, and after verifying your credit card (by reporting the values of 2 small charges of a few cents back to them) you can immediately use your credit card to fund your account and make purchases.

Coinbase is headquarters in San Francisco, and complies fully with all FinCen regulations in the USA. It is the most popular next generation wallet service in the world, with approximately 7 million members and growing rapidly. If you would like to use Coinbase or equivalent Bitcoin wallet, please contact us for a wallet address and instructions on how to send payment, along with a confirmed, discounted total.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.




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