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Thyroid-S, Natural Desiccated Thyroid: Desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract, refers to porcine (or mixed beef and pork) thyroid glands, dried and powdered for therapeutic use. Pork (or mixed beef and pork) thyroid preparations were developed in the late 19th century, and are still used today to treat hypothyroidism, the condition of having an underactive thyroid gland. This product is sometimes referred to as "natural thyroid", "natural thyroid hormones", "pork thyroid", thyroid USP, thyroid BP, or by the name of a commercial brand, such as "Armour Thyroid" or "Nature-Throid" & "Westhroid". We PimpomProducts have Thiroyd and Thyroid-S in stock. Now our products are not prescription drugs any more. It seems that 137 of levothyroxine, is around 2 grains of thyroid-s. Thyroid-S is about 38 mcg of T4 and 9 of T3, 9 of t3 is about 36 mcg of T4…. making 74 mcg in total. But the conversion this way really doesn’t work very well, natural thiroyd is completely different to synthetic and we would advice you to read more about it...

Here is a link url which explains more:


and this is a website with more info on how to dose with Natural D Thyroid:


We shall include a signed Customs Declaration with your/every shipment order, so your shipment should not have any problem at Customs.

People should understand that these products are available for research use only and only for qualified individuals.

Read carefully: NDT and synthetic are NOT the same. They are both really different compounds with different properties! They will be absorbed by the body in different ways! Talk you heard about them being similar and/or bio-identical is just not true!

1) http://people.upei.ca/bate/html/notesonthyroidfunction.html 

All natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) products below contain T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.  Some are measured, as shown; some are not, as shown.  
Prescription brands meet the strict guidelines of the US Pharmacopeia.
NDT in total is measured in milligrams (mg), i.e. one grain equals 60 or 65 mg; the individual hormones like T4 and T4 are measured in micrograms (mcg).
When mentioning the T4 and T3 in these natural products, the companies use the “synthetic” terminology, like “levothyroxine” for the T4, and “liothyronine” for the T3…but they are NOT synthetic products.


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March 2013.

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ASIN: B00AH6JZKS, SKU: VP-HE82-VK6P, Title: "ndt analytical standard, pure grade, thyroid-s, 250 pack, 1 grain, by sps co., ltd., for research use only, not for animal/human consumption"

This product has been identified as a thyroid extract or related substance. Amazon policy prohibits the sale of dessicated thyroid extract, dessicated natural thyroid, or any substance imitating levothyroxine.

For more information on our policies, search on "Restricted Products" and "Listing Restrictions" in seller Help.
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