Genuine Product Guarantee

We guarantee our products are genuine. has always been the most reliable and honest supplier of natural desiccated thyroid products in Thailand. We will never slander our competitors nor give false information. Recently, we have been the victim of attacks by some of our competitors who have run out of stocks of Thiroyd and TR T.Man. Without cause or justification, they have attempted to claim that our existing inventory of product is somehow counterfeit. We encourage you not to patronize shops that exhibit such low moral character, nor condone this kind of illegal slander.

As the largest distributor of natural desiccated thyroid in Thailand, we do still have inventory of genuine Thiroyd and TR T.Man in stock.  These products have been temporarily discontinued by the manufacturers as African Swine Fever has made it impossible to import natural desiccated thyroid powder from China, which is the world's largest supplier.  It is not clear when or if production of these products will resume. When our existing inventory of these products is gone, it is gone.

Please help us by discrediting these lies where you see them online.  We work very hard to operate an honest business. As supply has dried up recently, many vendors are turning to very unscrupulous tactics to try and continue their profits. We are always honest with our customers. We have told you exactly why the problem exists in the industry. We have a limited supply, and we can't get more.  But we never try and prevent you from purchasing from another supplier if they better meet your needs. Don't believe those who do.


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