If Your Credit Card is Declined

It is incredibly frustrating when you want to buy a product and your credit card is declined. Know that we have no control over this. We do not even have your credit card information. When you enter your credit card details, you are on eCorePay's server. The most important thing to check when you receive a decline is to note the decline code. This code will give you information about what is going on. Please select your code from the following list for more details.

Code 101 -- Transaction Declined

Code 101 is a general error which means that a fraud filter somewhere on the credit card network has auto-declined the transaction before it can be presented to your bank for approval. There is nothing wrong with your card. Understand that our merchant account is an international merchant accound processed through China. Gangs who steal credit card are notorious for targeting these accounts due to the limited consequences resulting from difficulty in prosecuting. Since there is little in the way of law enforcement, the banks are very proactive at preventing fraud, to the extent that many legitimate transactions are declined to stop the small number of fraudulent ones.

There are 2 places that a code 101 auto-decline can happen: either at your bank or at our acquiring bank. There is no way of determining which bank was responsible. In the case where the code came from your bank it is relatively easy to correct. You just need to call them and explain you will be placing an order from an acquiring bank in China and need them to relax or override any fraud filters they may have enabled on the account which are preventing this transaction from being presented to them for approval. Please note that unless you specifically asked your bank about fraud filters they may not have checked for this. So be absolutely certain when you speak with them that they confirm there are no filters on your account.

If your bank has already removed any filters and the issue still occurs, then it must be our acquiring bank which is causing the issue. Unfortunately our processor implements a scrubbing system which sometimes rejects legitimate transactions because their algorithm scores them as risky. They give us no reason for this, and we can not force them to accept a transaction without proving you are the legitimate cardholder. Some reasons this might occur are if you are using an overseas card while physically present in a different country (this is a typical profile of a fraudulent transaction), or if you have ever made a chargeback claiming that you did not authorize a charge. (Your name could wind up on a list when you do this as high risk, and the thought is if a criminal stole one of your cards, he may have others too. Thus, even if you replace your card, the fraud scoring system may still grade you as high risk.) There are many other reasons as well, and the bank will never tell us why for security reasons. They do not want criminals to figure out their exact algorithm, or it could be exploited.

In order to get around this problem, we need to submit to our bank a copy of a government issued picture ID,  a copy of your credit card statement with address, and a copy of the front of your credit card. These copies should have the middle digits (except the first 6 and the last 4) blacked out. You should never send anyone your complete credit card information except on a secure payment system. Once we submit this information to our bank, after approximately 4 working days they should place your credit card on a whitelist which will allow your transaction to proceed.

If this is not possible or you do not wish to provide this information, we ask you to consider one of our other payment mechanisms. See Alternate Payment Methods below for the list.

Code 104 -- Card is Blocked

Code 104 is much like code 101, but it provides much more information and is usually much easier to clear. There are 2 common reasons for a Code 104. The first is trivial to correct. If you have selected payment by Visa, but type in a Mastercard number on the checkout screen, or vice-versa, then you will likely get a code 104 as the result. We have different merchant accounts for Visa and Mastercard processing, and it is important you select the correct network when choosing a payment type from our webstore. If your transaction is auto-declined and want to try a different card from a different network, you need to go back to the checkout page on our webstore and choose the correct type.

The other way a code 104 can happen is if it is initiated by your bank, and means they have blocked the card for this bank or merchant. It should be fairly straightforward to call your bank and ask them to remove the block which is causing the auto-decline. If they tell you there is nothing wrong, be persistent. A code 104 is always from the card holder's bank. Unlike a code 101 which declines a single transaction due to risk factors, no other bank except for your onw can completely block a card.

Other Decline Codes

There are many other decline codes. 2 very common ones are invalid date format for your birthday, and invalid characters in your address. Your birthday should be entered as 8 continuous digits beginning with 4 digits for the year, 2 digits for the month, and 2 digits for the date. Thus, if you were born on April 8, 1965, you would enter 19650408 in the field for birthdate. For addresses, eCorePay will only accept characters from the English alphabet. This can create problems because our software will accept Unicode characters in your address, and it will then be refused when you try and process your card. The solution here is simply to remove any non English characters from your address and try your order again. You can always put your real address in your order comments if you are concerned about the package shipping to the correct address.


Alternate Payment Methods

If you can not use your credit card for any reason, we invite you to consider using any of the following options:

Coinbase is the world's largest Bitcoin wallet service and is rapidly becoming the market leader for cross border transactions. It is a next e-Wallet platform similar to PayPal that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency immediately with your credit card and then send that cryptocurrency to us.  Because the cost is so low, we pass that savings on to you in the form of a 7% discount off your total. Coinbase is available in 32 countries (see the list here)

Please contact us for instructions on how to use any of these payment systems.



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