How to order using your credit card

Dear customer:

A few weeks ago, without warning or reasonable explanation, PayPal cancelled our account and threw our order processing into chaos. We have recently established a merchant account that will allow us to process Visa and Mastercard credit cards directly. You need to be made aware of some of the details of how your order will be processed:

1. The charge on your CC bill may differ by as much as 7% vs. the total displayed at checkout on our store.

Credit cards are now processed through an Asian bank and will be billed in a foreign currency that is converted to US dollars (or the native currency of your card). The amount shown as your total is only an approximation of the actual amount you will be billed based on currently available exchange rates.  Some credit cards may also charge you an additional foreign transaction fee. Please be ready for this and do not be surprised when it appears on your statement. If the amount you are ultimately charged is substantially different from what is presented here, please contact us so we can understand what happened and try to correct it.

 2. The store identifier that appears on your credit card statement will not say

Instead, it will show as follows:

Type of Card Name of the store
Name of the store that will appear on your credit card statement
   Visa    netrateone 020-84768457
   MasterCard    OYYKayswlet





Please take a moment to look carefully at these names and remember them for when your credit card statement comes. If you see these names on your credit card statement, DO NOT ISSUE A CHARGEBACK.  Instead, if there is any question about the amount, please contact us immediately so we can investigate, and if necessary, correct the issue.

Again, please look at the names above and remember them. This is how your charge will appear on your bill.

Please read and understand items 1 and 2 above.

Also, please note that we ship your order using first class, registered mail with tracking. Under normal circumstances your order will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks, but it can take up to 60 days. Please be aware of this before you place your order.

NOTE:  Thanks to your help we have completed our analysis of banks that are returning decline codes.  What we have found is that there is no pattern. The declines are coming from fraud filters that the banks have installed in front of their systems, and every bank is different. If your card is declined, we encourage you to call your bank and ask them to relax or override the fraud filter on your account so that this transaction can be presented to them for approval.  These rejections are coming from whatever fraud measures your bank has implemented, and only your bank can allow this transaction to proceed.  Also, please note we do not support Verified by Visa/3D Secure. If your bank requires this from Asian banks in order to process a transaction, you will not be able to use that card on our service. We thank you for your help and understanding.

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