Technical Problems

Dear customer do you have a problem with ordering our products?
We're using Opencart which is well known for ease of use and stability.

Certain browsers with plugins like noscript, no-script or AD-blockers can influence certain website or script behaviour and therefor these plugins should be temporary disabled or the specific domain should be allowed "full control" in case you experience non working buttons or non responsive login or loading of pages.

Sometimes after cleaning a virus or spyware or malware infection, applications can be damaged and Internet Explorer is usually the victim.
Most of the time especially malware or crippleware (badly programmed software) that not has been cleaned-up can leave older versions of Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox damaged.

It came to our attention that some visitors could not login, checkout, activate or change certain settings related to their order.
We have been testing the website for usage on especially latest version of Chrome, Firefox, latest Internet Explorer versions and experienced no trouble under Windows XP up to Windows 7 and 8, Firefox and Chrome browser.

Naturally you don't have to register a new account or use your existing account if you want to order. Just use the Contact-us form or good-old-eMail and your message will arrive in our mailbox.
We'll reply you the same day or the next day.

In case you experience non working buttons or non responsive login or loading of pages the first thing you should do is close and restart your browser or try another browser.
In case of Internet Explorer sometimes a reboot or restart of the computer (total shutdown, power off followed by restart is better then just a normal restart) can help and if the problem stays a reinstall of Internet Explorer (with security updates) might be a good option. Also many buttons only work if you have Javascript enabled...make sure it's enabled!

Make sure you don't use old versions of Internet Explorer like version 5, 6, 7 or 8 and update Firefox and or Opera to the latest version as well.....Try Again!!! Our website isn't optimalized for small mobile smartphone purchases so it is best to use a computer or Tablet when ordering products.

Above all else your computer should be free of virusses, malware, crippleware, spyware, trojans and worms!!!
Be aware that certain virusses, malware and trojans steal passwords and logins or fool you into doing or not doing something (scareware).

In case you still have problems ordering please make a snapshot using printscreen-function in Windows at the exact moment you see an error, email us the printscreen-picture and let us know what version of browser and Windows or other OS you are using.

If you have problems applying Coupon-codes please visit our Promotions-Page and read how to do that.

For security reasons and to protect our website from spambots, fake accounts and other trouble we don't keep, change or know any user passwords. If you lose or forget your password it is better we delete your account so you can register a new one for free using same or different email address. Activation emails don't always arrive, so please remember your passwords. Do not use the same passwords for different accounts on different websites.

First time email usually ends up in your spam or junk-folder. Spam or junk mail folders can be hidden unless they are made visible (gmail).



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